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INAC Update on Wells Decision

By now, many are aware that the MFNAN were successful in moving forward with its legal challenge concerning self-identification.  The decision, more commonly known as the Wells Decision has resulted in movement from the federal government.

As a result, the following has been posted on the INAC website.  You can view the full details here.

If you were denied founding membership in the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation in 2017 on the basis of the self-identification criterion and your address has recently ...

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Legal Update from Gowlings

The following is a legal update from Gowlings with respect to the Wells Decision.

Implementation of Wells

There is no official news on this front.

As you know, the Crown did not appeal the decision in Wells, and is therefore bound to implement Justice Zinn’s findings. The government process will likely look very similar to the that which was used following the supplemental agreement. Namely, that all those applicants who are affected by the Wells’ decisions will receive a notice advising them that ...

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